Las Vegas Nevada Reiki

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are a great way to introduce friends or family to the benefits and wonders of Reiki.
Two types of Gift Certificate are available at this time.

Single Visit Gift Certificate is available for $60.00.

Three Visit Gift Certificate is available for $160.00. Good for three 1 hour sessions. Certificate expires after 45 days from first date of issue.

Multi-treatment Package is available for $150.00, bringing a considerable savings of $30.00. This certificate is a great gift idea and can be extremely beneficial for your friend or family member, and is designed as a concentrated course of three sessions to be completed within 15 days, providing for maximum healing benefit. This allows for more rapid results as each session benefits and builds on the one previously.

Payment in full is due at time of first scheduled session and expires 15 days from first scheduled session.

If Package remains unused after 15 days, unused sessions may be applied towards future sessions for a further 15 days, after which time Package certificate expires and cannot be used. During this second period the previously discounted $30.00 value of the third Package session may be applied to a treatment.

All three Multi-treatment Package treatments must be completed within 45 days from issue date.